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Miami is a favored neighborhood for retirees who still want to make the most out of their lives. Working for several years can indeed wear one out and no one can blame if one would spend it in a place that would offer the best possible relaxation at a very affordable price range.

The neighborhood of Miami has many advantages for those who want to retire. First off, the city does not have income, estate and inheritance taxes so one can really spend their hard-earned money on things that are far more important than taxes.

Miami also has favorable year-round climate to keep retirees in top shape. In fact, the city has numerous adult communities and groups that encourage socialization and camaraderie among retirees and the elderly.

Miami has lots of championship golf courses where retirees can practice their swings or join competitive tournaments. In fact, some of the homes are built directly within golf courses, so going to and from the fairways is convenient.


Miami is a perfect place for retirees with the hundreds of amenities within the community. Many of the homes for retirement are beautiful estates with waterfront access and modern high rises within close distance to many entertainment hubs.


  • Bay Point
  • Bayfront Estates
  • Biscayne Camp
  • Entrada
  • Four Way Lodge Estates
  • Kingsleys Subdivision

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