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Located at the very heart of Florida, Miami is an exciting neighborhood to live in. In recent years, demand for properties has doubled, owing to the fact that Miami remains a prime location with a multitude of homes to suit any lifestyle.

When there are homes for sale, many of the owners set up an open house to showcase their home to potential buyers. If you are looking to buy a property, attending an open house is a must. Almost half of buyers attend an open house so they can get all the necessary information about a particular property.

Open houses are a good way to learn from the crowd and also pry more vital information from neighbors who often drop by.

It is also advisable to check the sign-in sheet to see how many have attended the open house as this will give you an idea how competitive the market is. An open house is also a good way to gauge the home price.


There is a number of scheduled open house in Miami today. Many of these properties are located in Miami’s most desirable neighborhoods. Check out the properties below:


  • Accocoa Plum Heights
  • Bay Point
  • Kingsleys Subdivision
  • North Kendall
  • Snapper Creek Groves
  • Southern Gardens

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