Best Housing Segments in Miami

When you buy a home, you will be presented with more than just one kind of home, particularly if you do not specify what kind of home you are looking for or where exactly in Miami you are thinking of living. There are many options when it comes to home ownership in Miami and the housing choices you have include residences in multi-unit structures and single homes that come with a front and back yard. There are also numerous homes here that come with their own dock and easy water access, since these are built near the water.

To find out what are the best housing options in Miami and where you can find these, here are your choices:

1. Single Family Homes

This is probably one of the all-time favorites of families everywhere, particularly because it offers you a wealth of freedom in terms of gardening, landscaping, privacy, and styling. You can landscape your surroundings to suit what you want, provided that the neighborhood you are in will allow your additions and enhancements according to the building code of the area. Where can you find these single family homes in Miami?

Most of these can be found in the suburban communities of this county, with some being more opulent than most but still being called single family residences. The neighborhoods that have some of the best single family homes for you to choose from include Ives Estates, which has a very low crime rate and lots of great schools within its borders. Another is Key Biscayne, also with a low crime rate, and Pinecrest, one of the more affluent neighborhoods in Miami.

2. Condominiums

In Miami, one of the most common residential options for people to gravitate towards is the condominium, and for many good reasons. For starters, most of these multi-unit residential structures are located in the prime areas of the city. These can be found everywhere from the shopping haven of Aventura to the sandy beaches of South Beach to the pricey Bal Harbour and to the old-fashioned Tropicana style neighborhood of Coconut Grove. These also have amenities that help make life easier, such as swimming pools, retail spaces, fitness centers, and many more.

When it comes to choosing where to live if you opt for a condominium unit in Miami, the most obvious choices would be those near the water. These include South Beach, which is the go-to place for those who love the beach, the water, and the nightlife. Also on this list are condominiums in Brickell and Brickell Key for those who need to be near the Financial District of Miami, and Downtown Miami.

3. Apartments

These are a great alternative to condominium buildings, particularly if you are not into all the bells and whistles that come with condo living. These apartments usually cost less a well since these often do not have all the opulent offerings of condominium buildings. Some of these may have the requisite small swimming pool, quaint courtyard, and garden areas that people would rather have over modern features condominiums carry.

Where do you find these laid-back and somewhat diminutive versions of multi-unit residences? There are quite a few of these in Coral Ridge, which is a suburban neighborhood that people love due to its unique mix of quiet life and city life. A lot of apartments are also easier to rent out than condos, so people tend to go for these from an investment point of view. These can mostly be found in areas such as Downtown Miami, South Beach, Doral, and Kendall.

4. Waterfront Homes

Waterfront homes, as the name implies, are residences that have easy access to the water and are, in fact, built right near the water’s edge. These can be homes near the beach, on islands, along canals, and alongside lakes. There are many waterfront residences in Miami, some of which are large palatial estates that are owned by celebrities, while others are multi-unit residences such as condominiums and townhome complexes, where shared dock space and access to the water is a given.

Some of the best waterfront homes are found on the islands located south of SoFi on South Beach, and these include Fisher Island and Key Biscayne. Also on this list are Brickell Key and Brickell, South Beach, Bal Harbour, and Coconut Grove. The homes here range from massive estates that celebrities like Oprah and Shaq once lived in, and luxury condominiums that have all the opulent features that you can wish for.

5. Loft Apartments

For a more modern home that features high ceilings, massive walls if windows, and a rather utilitarian design, loft apartments are what you should aim for. These have become very popular of late primarily because these offer residents lots of space and great views of their surroundings. Not all loft apartments are built alike however, with some having the high-end appeal of luxury condominiums but in a high-ceiling loft design, while others have that sparse and industrial look that are what some people call “true-loft” style.

Where can you find these loft apartments in Miami? There are actually a lot of these in Brickell, Downtown Miami, Coconut Grove, and Coral Gables. If you want loft apartments that are rather unique looking and not as pricey as the ones located in these neighborhoods, head on down to Wynwood where artistic industrial style lofts remodeled from old warehouses and industrial buildings can be found.

6. New Construction Homes

Not everyone wants to live in homes that have been lived in by others previously, which is why new construction residences appeal to them more. There are a lot of these for you to choose from in Miami, and these range from condominiums to apartment buildings to loft-type apartments to single family homes. Some of these homes are waterfront residences while others are more inland but belong to gated communities and neighborhoods with shared amenities.

While almost all of the areas of Miami have these new construction residences, there are a few that are better than the rest in terms of quality and abundance, and these include Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, and Pinecrest for single family homes. For apartments, condos, and loft-style residences, Downtown Miami, Wynwood, Brickell, and Miami Beach are your best bets.