15 Best Restaurants In Miami

When you ask people in Miami where to go for a good meal, you will find that different people give different answers. This is because of the different tastes people have when it comes to food. In order to rank the best 15 restaurants in Miami, you have to check with a lot of people, and the only way to do this is to check review sites like Yelp, Foursquare, and Tripadvisor.

According to these sites, here are the most visited, reviewed, and favored restaurants in Miami:

1. Versailles Restaurant

For those who want to try out Cuban cuisine, Versailles Restaurant is one food outlet you should check out. Located in Little Havana, on Calle Ocho, this classic Cuban café is where you will find such favorites like the classic Cuban sandwich, chicken chicharones, fried plantains, and ropa vieja. If you are unsure what to order, try the Classic Cuban Sampler, which comes with black beans, white rice, plantains, picadillo, ham croquette, roasted pork, and cassava.

This restaurant is open Mondays to Sundays, from 9 am to 1 am, and is considered a tourist attraction, so expect the place to be crowded during meal hours.

2. Zuma

Located near the river in Downtown Miami is the Japanese restaurant called Zuma. If good Japanese food is what you are looking for in Miami, then this is the place to get it, according to numerous food aficionados. They have the usual fare that you can expect from a Japanese restaurant, and these include some of the favorites such as sushi, sashimi, and tempura.

Foodies who have eaten at this resto rave about the desserts, which are pretty unique, like the green tea & banana cake and the Zuma Bamboo, which is an Earl grey tea ice cream and kinako cake combination.

3. NIU

Also located in Downtown Miami, this trendy place called NIU is a Tapas restaurant that features creative yet tasty dishes. This restaurant has been called cozy, small, rustic, and cozy, which means if you do not have a reservation, you might not find a seat when you get there. Aside from the delicious food, the service is one of the best in the area, and that is pretty rare in a busy restaurant like this.

The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner, but as mentioned earlier, it is better to call them beforehand to reserve a table.

4. Sugarcane Raw Bar and Grill

If you are into fusion cuisine, the Sugarcane is one of the places you should try in Miami. This resto specializes in Cuban Japanese Fusion, and this is evidenced by their menu, which features sushi and sashimi, tapas plates, and grilled items. The menu is divided into raw bar, sushi, and grill, making it easy for diners to find what they want from a rather expansive selection.

While somewhat pricey, with a price range of $31 to $60 per person, it is still one of the best restaurants in the county. Located in Midtown Miami, this is one food joint you should try out at least once.

5. Mandolin Aegean Bistro

Mediterranean food is the specialty of this restaurant, which is easy to see in its name. The Mandolin Aegean Bistro has indoor and outdoor seating, is open from lunch till late in the evening, and has a long list of choices that include Turkish and Greek Samplers, salads, seafood, and sandwiches. Some of the favorites here include the moussaka, the gyro, and the grilled octopus.

Prices at this restaurant are pretty reasonable, with a price range of $11 to $30 per person. Located in the Design District of Miami, you can visit this restaurant after exploring the many boutiques of the area.

6. Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

Located just a short walk from the famous Wynwood Walls, this restobar is the go-to eatery in the area. Food here consists of what some may call “hipster” choices, like chorizo burgers and roasted cauliflower. There are however a lot of Latin and American favorites on the menu, like braised short ribs, queso frito, guacamole, and pan-seared fish.

Prices are reasonable here as well, with main courses costing around $15 per order, and vegetarian options at $7. Open for lunch and dinner, you have choices for indoor and outdoor seating here as well.

7. Truluck’s

If you are in Brickell and are craving for some surf and turf, head on down to Truluck’s which is on the corner of Brickell Avenue and Brickell Key Drive. This popular restaurant is upscale seafood and steak bistro which means you can expect to shell out up to $60 for one meal. Some of the favorites here include the lobster bisque, the classic wedge salad, the cioppino, and the lump crab cake.

For an indulgent and extravagant meal, choose from a variety of fresh crustaceans that include king crab, stone crab, Dungeness crab, and African lobster tails.

8. Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar and Latin Grill

As the name implies, this bar and grill is the place to go to when you are craving for raw seafood and grilled food. The menu has a long list of ceviche choices that include tuna, swordfish, shrimp, and calamari in various ceviche preparations. Also on the menu are grilled seafood, grilled veggies, grilled steak, and grilled poultry.

While the name may imply that this restaurant in Coconut Grove only serves raw seafood and grilled items, they actually have a few Latin favorites like tacos, carnitas, and quesadillas that you can snack on.

9. Jimmy’z Kitchen Wynwood

Another famous restaurant in Wynwood is this unpretentious eatery that serves a wide array of food from across the globe. From Asian noodle salad to Jamaican jerk chicken salad to shrimp creole to American beef burger, you will find that your choices are as eclectic as they can get. This casual restaurant is a great place to have lunch, snacks, and dinner in after exploring the artistic streets of Wynwood.

If you find yourself craving some of their sumptuous food, but do not feel like heading out to the restaurant, they actually have a delivery service that you can call between 11 am and 10 pm daily.

10. Bombay Darbar

Another popular restaurant in Coconut Grove is this Indian restaurant that is said to serve the best Indian cuisine in all of Miami. If you are looking for authentic Indian cuisine in Miami, this is the place for you. They’ve got appetizers like samosas and chicken tandoori, soups like daal and shorba, various biryanis, a long list of vegetable dishes, and favorites like vindaloo and tandoori.

It is a good idea to make reservations at this restaurant to avoid long waits since a lot of people do frequent this place. Mondays and Wednesdays, they are only open for dinner, while the rest of the week sees them serving lunch as well. Tuesdays they are closed.

11. CVI.CHE 105

For those who love Peruvian cuisine, or want to try it out, this restaurant in Downtown Miami is one that you should visit. Although regarded technically as a Peruvian restaurant, CVI.CHE 105 actually serves a variety of South American dishes. This eatery is also one of few that have vegan options, gluten free options, and is vegetarian friendly.

Open all days of the week, they open between 11:30 am and 12:00 pm, and close at 10:00 pm on weekdays and 11:00 pm on weekends.

12. Toro Toro Restaurant & Bar

Located in the Intercontinental Hotel in Downtown Miami, this restobar is another upscale choice for those who want amazing food and 5-star service. The cuisine that you can expect from this restaurant includes steaks, tapas, and bar fare. Aside from small plates and steaks, this restaurant also serves salads, Latin favorites like tacos and guacamole, American sandwiches, and Spanish desserts.

You can order cocktails with your meals, have breakfast here, and bring the family over for a leisurely Sunday brunch.

13. Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink

The Design District has no shortage of unique restobars for you to dine in, and Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink is another one of the many hip and happening eateries that you can visit here. This restaurant serves brunch, lunch, afternoon snacks, and dinner. They have a raw bar that has crudo, ceviche, and raw oysters, a long list of food choices for your appetizers and entrees, and various cocktails to wash these all down during Sunday brunch.

Located right in the middle of the many shops of the Design District, this is a great restaurant to visit after a day of shopping and exploration, or simply because you want to eat gourmet comfort food.

14. Il Gabbiano

For Italian cuisine, Il Gabbiano is one of the places in Miami that serves authentic and high quality Italian food. Also considered a seafood restaurant, you will find that aside from the antipasti, risotto, and pasta choices, this outlet has a long list of seafood choices for you to pick from.

Located in Downtown Miami, this fine dining resto combines good food and spectacular views of the bay to give diners an unforgettable dining experience. To ensure that you do not have long to wait for a table, reservations are recommended.

15. Lokal

If the combination of gourmet food and beer is your thing, then Lokal in Coconut Grove is worth a visit. Located just southwest of Coco Walk, this gastropub features a selection of burgers, bar food, and sandwiches that can be washed down with your choice of beer. The beer choices include international beers, locally made draft beer, and local bottled beer.

For those who do not want to pair their meals with beer, there is also a wine selection that features reds and whites from various vineyards around the world.