12 Things To Know Before Moving to Miami

If you’re thinking about moving to Miami, there are more than a couple of things you need to know about it. It’s a worthwhile (albeit expensive) move that still needs a bit of getting used to, especially if you’ve never been to a unique place like Miami and have lived in humbler or quieter areas up north.

Miami is more than just a beachside city full of sun, palm trees, and celebrities working in Tinsel Town (since Hollywood is literally just around the corner). It’s a melting pot of cultures and has a liberal progressive slant towards its politics. It’s also quite humid and tropical.

At any rate, here are 12 of the most important things you need to know before moving to Miami.

1. Expect more visitors than before.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiPeople are friendly here in Miami. Maybe it’s because of the influx of different cultures and its high minority counts, but to go here is really to experience a taste of traveling the world because it’s practically a slice of life there with its melting pot of cultures.

As such, expect an uptick of new friends to meet. Also, because you’re living in Miami or one of the top tourist hotspots in America that many a celebrity has built summer homes in, you’ll also get an uptick of friends and relatives visiting you while getting a beachside vacation at the same time.

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2. The food is to die for.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiThe food scene of Miami is something to behold indeed. You can find some of the most amazing restaurants around the beach since the competition there is steep and every establishment tries its best to find their niche. You can also get to imbibe in many different beverages, from the hottest lattes to the coldest of beers.

Even if you don’t have money to spare, the food available in Miami for those who aren’t part of the one percent can be quite incredible, whether they’re All-American street food like hotdogs or something more exotic from the myriad of cultures inhabiting Miami.

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3. The beach isn’t the only thing that defines Miami.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiMiami is known for its beaches the same way Acapulco or the Caribbean are. The old show Miami Vice features so many beach-related cases that it might as well be entitled Baywatch Nights. The beaches of Miami are well-known in pop culture, but if you only know Miami for its beaches then you probably don’t live there.

Miami is also a tourist attraction extravaganza because like other cosmopolitan wonders, you’ll never run of things to do there, accommodating every last pay grade. What does this mean for those who actually live in Miami? You’re now a stone’s throw away to having vacation experiences or, alternatively, every day is a vacation experience.

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4. Art Deco architecture is everywhere.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiIf you’re a big fan of the Art Deco era, then the architecture of Miami will surprise and amaze you. The 1920s Parisian architectural motif is alive and well all over this city, which really gives Miami its international flair that many of its celebrity and VIP residents couldn’t get enough of.

You will be treated to 1920s and 1930s pastel and white buildings that depend on evenness, modernity, and patterns to showcase their aesthetics instead of ostentatious displays of rebellion to the established norms of art at the expense of (subjective) beauty. Just avail of Art Deco District Walking Tours whenever possible by the Miami Design Preservation League.

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5. Calle Ocho is something you should know more about.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiFor any non-residents and first-time visitors of Miami, Calle Ocho or Eighth Street is the Cuban population’s historic center. It’s home to everything Cuban about Miami, from parks full of retirees to its Cuban restaurants and cafecitos.

You can also look forward to Carnaval in Miami every year (it’s not only Rio De Janeiro that celebrates the holiday).
It’s also all it’s cracked to be as a tourist attraction and a characteristic or signature feature of Miami, like the Statue of Liberty in New York or the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

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6. The nightlife is amazing.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiDid you know that things run a little later in Miami? By that, it means Miami is a nocturnal city that becomes a live every night. That’s to be expected of a place where Carnaval also happens that’s not Rio or Louisiana. As for the daytime, it’s filled with a relaxed pace of a siesta prior to the fiesta awaiting you when the sun comes down.

Although Miami traffic came be quite brutal at times during the day, you shouldn’t be tense at all. Instead, you should have the laidback attitude of a surfer dude in this fine beachfront city (and you will come across many a surfer in this area).

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7. The booming art scene will leave you breathless.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiWho says that you need to go to Italy if you’re a big fan of the art scene? The U.S. is also bursting with endless creativity and modern culture with cities like Miami and the so-called Miami Design District. This major tourist attraction has boosted the profile of the city as an artist’s Mecca of sorts.

This district is also home to the Art Basel International Art Fair and General Festival for those who communicate and express themselves through artistry and defining what artistic culture is in the 21st Century. This fair is filled with the big names of contemporary and modern art as well, so do check it out ASAP.

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8. Everyone is all about healthy living and exercise.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiNaturally, Miami filled with beautiful people who are mindful of their health. Go live in here if you wish to become part of gym rat culture. If you’re interested in getting a swole or ripped body as well as wish for a bikini-ready figure, then Miami is the place to be since it’s a fitness-friendly city since forever.

Back in the eighties, Miami was all about aerobics. In the nineties, it was all about Tae Bo and exercise machines. In the dawn of the new millennium, everyone was getting gluten-free diets or doing crossfit. It’s like the evolution of fitness here with Miami residents and their beach body mentality.

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9. The weather is a daily adventure in and of itself.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiMiami is near Tinsel Town or Hollywood, California. Its beachfront properties are also filled with celebrities, VIPs, and the best minds of the financial district. Every day is like a dream of a trip to an island getaway.

With that said, you need to get used to tropical heat, the possibility of flooding whenever the sea level rises, and the regular occurrences of hurricanes in order to get this piece of the Garden of Eden that the Good Lord has left accessible on this mortal plane.

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10. The wildlife here is something else.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiMiami is like Australia in terms of its natural beauty and inherent biodiversity. That should come as no surprise, really. It’s not only humans who want to live in a beachfront property. So too various bugs, snakes, gators, and reptiles; the place is like an open zoo of sorts.

If you’ve never seen a Palmetto bug, you’ll soon have to quickly get used to them and various other unique insects and wildlife if you wish to live in Miami. It’s not realistic to expect a bug-free house the whole year round, for example.

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11. You’ll quickly learn Spanish.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiYou’ll quickly learn Spanish in Miami as though you’re in Spain. At the very least, you’ll learn a handful of words to impress the señoritas and compadres in the neighborhood. The Latino culture is strong in Miami, making it an unmistakably bilingual city.

As such, if you’ve ever had Spanish class, you can easily brush up on all your lessons in practice here in this gorgeous city that serves as a melting pot for a multitude of cultures, including a significant Hispanic population.

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12. Your job won’t define you.

12 Things To Know Before Moving to MiamiActually, even if you don’t live in Miami, you shouldn’t let your job define you. However, being defined by your job isn’t an option in Miami when compared to cities like Washington D.C. and New York where all you can talk about is your job.

In Miami, small talk doesn’t come in the form of you attempting to impress strangers by mentioning you’re a lawyer, a doctor, an artist, an actor, or a banker. The Miami experience is more about finding yourself, thus at parties you’ll usually get questions about what fulfilling things you’ve done rather than chitchat regarding your career path.

For all its imperfections, you can never imagine living anywhere else once you’ve gotten used to your sweet life in Miami.