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Also called Coconut Grove Village West, West Grove, or as some people may call it Black Grove, is an enclave that is steeped in Bahamian culture.

The Neighborhood

West Grove is more formally known as Coconut Grove Village West, and this area is a place where people from the Bahamas settled way back in the late 1800s. This bayside village is now a vibrant community that shows its roots via the many shops, cafes, and restaurants that have that bohemian vibe that comes only from its Bahamian community.

This village is considered a pedestrian friendly community, with sidewalk cafes and small shops dotting the streets. One of the hobbies of locals here is to people-watch, and it is not uncommon to see old-timers sitting outside their homes and their stores enjoying the sight of people absorbing the vibe of the place.

This locale is ideal for those who want to bask in the culture as well as live in a slowly developing and reemerging community. New developments are slated to be constructed in the area, and this includes the rejuvenation of some of the more popular spots in here as well as the construction of an apartment complex for people entering their golden years.

Things To Do

West Grove is a great place to go to when you are looking to slow down and have a more relaxed existence. Some of the more popular condominium buildings and developments here allow for such a thing since these have a lot of the creature comforts and amenities you need for a laid back life.

Aside from the amenities that can be found in the residential buildings here, like swimming pools, tennis courts, walking and jogging tracks, the homes that are here tend to have great views that help usher in a state of relaxation only the sea and a cool breeze can bring.


1. Lulu in the Grove
3105 Commodore Plz
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(305) 447-5858

2. Glass & Vine
2820 Mcfarlane Rd
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 200-5268

3. Sapore Di Mare
3111 Grand Ave
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(305) 476-8292

4. Peacock Garden Cafe
2889 McFarlane Rd
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 774-3332

5. Bombay Darbar
2901 Florida Ave
Miami, FL 33133
(786) 475-6098

6. El Taquito
3410 Main Hwy
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 446-2303

7. Lokal
3190 Commodore Plz
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 442-3377

8. Jaguar Ceviche Spoon Bar
3067 Grand Ave
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 444-0216

9. Neighborhood Bistro
2779 Bird Ave
Miami, FL 33133
(305) 967-8170

10. GreenStreet Cafe
3468 Main Hwy
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(305) 444-0244


West Grove is a great environment to live in, particularly if you are looking for a laid back atmosphere. A lot of the condo buildings exude such an air, and these include the following:

Condos near West Grove


When it comes to schools, West Grove has quite a selection for you to choose from.

Here is a list of schools near the community:

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Day School
3439 Main Hwy, Coconut Grove, FL 33133

Vanguard School Of Coconut Grove Fl
3939 Main Highway, Miami, FL 33133

Coconut Grove Elementary School
3351 Matilda Street, Miami, FL 33133

Coconut Grove Montessori School
3280 Bird Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

Coconut Grove Montessori School
2850 SW 27th Ave, Miami, FL 33133

Coconut Grove Montessori School
2850 Southwest 27th Avenue, Miami, FL 33133

Real Estate Trends

West Coconut Grove is a community that takes leisure seriously, and this is evident in the different kinds of amenities that can be found with condo listings in the area. These amenities usually pump up the price of these residential buildings, with median sale prices usually ranging from $860,000 to $1,600,000 for bayside units. Lower priced residences are usually found a bit further from the water, and these include older buildings that house one bedroom units as well as single houses. Prices for these more affordable abodes are somewhere between $155,000 and $380,000.

In Coconut Grove, it is easy to locate the area where many 20 somethings reside, where retirees are usually found, and where families with children under 18 have settled. The area near the University of Miami is where you will find a thicker concentration of college age kids. Near the water is where most retirees and middle aged individuals choose to reside. Those with small kids however are nearer the city center and where most schools can be found.

Coconut Grove is generally considered a safe area, however the more populated locales tend to have a higher crime rate than those areas where the population is thinner.

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