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Top Careers in Miami

Finding out which jobs to aim for and what career path to follow usually depends on where you live. Different parts of the country have different needs, and different cities in different states have different lists of which jobs and careers are most in demand. These usually depend on a number of factors that include the availability of opportunities for a specific field, the difficulty in which such a job can be done, and the number of people who can tackle such a post.

In Miami, there are quite a number of career paths and jobs that people can choose from. When it comes to the top careers, however, and high paying ones at that, you need to be ready for the challenges these present in order to be worthy of them. Here are 10 of the top careers and high paying jobs that can be found in Miami:

1. Management Occupations

Average annual income: $114,600

When you say management occupations, this ranges from top management posts, like CEOs and COOs, and all the other chiefs that a company can have, to lower management, like general operations managers and shift managers. Hence the low average annual income bracket listed above, which does not really reflect how much a CEO or CFO in a company makes.

Florida is ranked 5th nationwide in terms of high employment level for this occupation and has the 4th highest hourly mean wage in the top 5.

2. Legal Occupations

Average annual income: $95,330

When you say legal occupations, this covers lawyers, judges, law clerks, and everyone who works with the law. This also includes arbitrators, mediators, paralegals, and legal assistants. Other members of this group include court reporters, and even title examiners who work in the real estate sector, and who help law firms, real estate firms, and other companies find records that pertain to real property.

Florida is also in the top 5 states that have a high need for workers in the legal sector, ranking 3rd in terms of employment level.

3. Healthcare Practitioners

Average annual income: $71,260

Jobs that have to do with health – be it dental health, eye health, bone health, and even animal health – belong to this particular sector. Dietitians, nutritionists, surgeons, psychiatrists, and other specialists are under this particular umbrella. The average annual income listed takes into consideration the lower incomes of others in this field (nurses, veterinarians, physical therapists, etc.) although those in more demanding jobs (surgeons, general practitioners, etc.) command annual incomes of beyond $190,000.

Florida is ranked 4th nationwide when it comes to the number of people and jobs in this field in the entire state.

4. Computer Occupations

Average annual income:  $70,980

These days, it is rare to find people who do not use a computer or even have a computer at home. The world is connected these days because of the internet, and this is one of the reasons why there is such a high demand for computer programmers, engineers, software developers, and other computer-related occupations. While most programmers and computer tech workers head for California and Silicon Valley, what they do not know is that Florida is not far behind when it comes to the number of computer-related jobs available here.

Jobs in this sector also include those who are tasked to take care of the hardware that is used by websites worldwide and those who protect information on the web from being accessed by unauthorized individuals.

5. Architecture and Engineering Occupations

Average annual income: $70,590

Another booming career sector in Miami, and in the rest of the state for that matter, is the architecture and engineering sector. This is because of the many new buildings, renovations of old ones, and the creation of gated communities as well as hotels in the popular areas of Miami that are being planned or are already ongoing. The demand for architects is very high here since more and more people have been moving to the Sunshine State.

Architects not only make lots of money here but also get to enjoy what they do, like build condos, new communities, and many more, while basking in this tropical paradise.

6. Business and Financial Operations Occupations

Average annual income: $64,950

While people may not think that much of this sector, those who work here actually make quite a bit of money, depending of course on what their specialization is. Those who belong to this sector include agents and managers of artists, athletes, and performers, as well as buyers and purchasers for companies. Insurance appraisers and claims adjusters, management analysts, and cost estimators are also in this sector.

Human resource specialists are also in this particular industry, with employment specialists topping this list.

7. Life, Physical, and Social Science Occupations

Average annual income: $63,130

Life scientists include agricultural specialists, soil and plant scientists, food technologists, and animal scientists. Physical scientists are those who specialize in physics, astronomy, chemistry, and other similar sciences. Social science specialists include urban planners (who work hand-in-hand with architects and engineers), geographers, and psychologists.

The rather diverse and wide scope of this field has put around 37,000 people in jobs that belong to this sector in the state.

8. Arts, Design, Entertainment, Sports, and Media Occupations

Average annual income: $50,000

Another employment sector that has a very wide scope is this one. Those who belong to this sector include people behind the scenes and in the spotlight, which means directors, set designers, producers, actors, and sound technicians all belong under the same umbrella. Designers are also in this particular sector, and these include clothing designers, floral designers, graphic designers, and even merchandise display designers.

Athletes and other sports personalities are also part of this particular sector, although they do get paid more than $50,000 annually, particularly if they are in any of the professional leagues.

9. Education, Training, and Library Occupations

Average annual income: $48,660

Contrary to popular belief, people who work in libraries, teach, and train others do not make a pittance. They actually get paid well, and there is a great demand for more teachers, librarians, and trainers in Miami. This is because more and more families are moving to the county, and more schools end up needing more teachers to handle the influx of more students brought about by such a move.

Those who belong to this sector include teachers for postsecondary education, primary school education, and also special education requirements.

10. Protective Service Occupations

Average annual income: $43,160

All cities need people to man protective posts, and Miami is no exception. The jobs that belong to this sector include firefighters, law enforcement, fishing and gaming wardens, criminal investigators, and police officers. Animal control and animal protection are also part of this sector.

Other jobs that belong to this field include security guards, gaming investigators for casinos, lifeguards, railroad police, and private investigators.=

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