10 Reasons Why People Are Moving To West Palm Beach

There are many fabulous places for people to choose from when it comes to Florida, and choosing to move to a specific enclave is often due to the many good reasons that others cite when asked about a neighborhood. Choosing a place to move to however is no small decision, and this decision often hinges not only on feedback from other people but also from what the locality can offer in terms of safety, conveniences, amenities, and the people.

Palm Beach is a very popular place for people to move to when they think of Florida as a possible choice for relocation, and most people have the same thoughts when it comes to why they choose to move here.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Palm Beach is a top choice for people who are relocating to Florida:

1. No State Income Tax

In the entire country, only 7 states have no state income tax, and guess what? Florida is one of those 7 states that won’t impose a state income tax on what you earn. This is good news to family breadwinners since it allows them to bring home more of what they make at work to their family.

This could also be one of the main reasons why so many pro-athletes make Florida their permanent home, even though they are not playing for any of the teams in the state.

2. International Airport

Getting to and from Palm Beach is not difficult due to the presence of the international airport in the county. The Palm Beach International Airport is located in West Palm Beach, and is just a few miles west of the famous Town of Palm Beach to the east. The airport has three runways and serves numerous airlines, with some regular flights going in and out of the county from here, as well as a number of seasonal flights.

The airport served around 6 million passengers in 2016 alone, with the number of comings and goings ranging from 5 to 7 million every year.

3. Golf!

Considered the golfing capital of Florida, Palm Beach is the top relocation destination for retirees and golf buffs who want to be able to tee off whenever they feel the need to, without any problems whatsoever. Palm Beach is the perfect place for golfers since it has the most number of private and public golf courses in the entire state, numbering over 160.

The county has numerous championship golf courses for golfers to choose from, and a lot of these have been designed by some of the best pro players in history. There are also numerous golfing communities you can choose to live in here if you want easy access to the greens.

4. Arts, Music, and Culture

When it comes to arts, culture, and entertainment options, Palm Beach is hard to beat. From the Kravis Center for Performing Arts to the nationally renowned Antique Row to the famous Norton Art Museum, you cannot go wrong with this county. Here, you will also find numerous musical events, like the annual music and arts festival called SunFest held in West Palm Beach every June.

There are also dozens of art galleries for you to visit in this county, numerous museums to check out, and live music venues to head on down to during the weekends and even the weekdays.

5. The Gulf Stream

You may be wondering why the Gulf Stream would be a factor in choosing Palm Beach as the best place to move to. What people may not know is that the Gulf Stream actually helps not only the local waters to remain warm and brilliantly blue, but also makes winters in this part of the country amazingly cool but not freezing at night during the winter months and just right during the day.

This Gulf Stream also helps make the waters warm during the later months of the year, making it perfect for swimming and other water sports.

6. Amazing Beaches

Do you love the sun and the sand? Then Palm Beach is the perfect locale for you. West Palm Beach alone has 47 miles of pristine, white sandy beaches facing the Atlantic Ocean to its name, and there are lots of areas that the public can access and enjoy here. Ocean Reef Park, Gulfstream Park, Palm Beach, and Juno Beach are just a few of the choices you have for sun, sand, and surf here.

There are also numerous beach communities that you can choose to move to in this county if you are inclined to live near the water and have easy access to the beach.

7. Lots of Good Schools

Families who choose to move to Palm Beach will be happy to know that the county has 185 schools within its borders, making it the 11th largest school district in the country. It also carries the distinction of having the 8th highest graduation rate in the entire nation. Aside from elementary schools and high schools, the county also has 7 state colleges and a couple of top notch universities.

Those who want to attend a Top 50 university however may need to drive a short way to the two nearest ones in the state, which are the University of Miami in Coral Gables and the University of Florida in Gainesville.

8. Water Activities

What do you get when you have a county that straddles the Atlantic Ocean, has numerous canals, rivers, lakes, and an Intracoastal Waterway? You get the perfect neighborhood for water activity enthusiasts. The many water activities that one can indulge in when living in Palm Beach includes boating, fishing, jet-skiing, kayaking, snorkeling, canoeing, and of course, swimming.

And as if the natural bodies of water that surround the communities of this enclave are not enough, most of the neighborhoods have a community swimming pool that people can use and some houses even have their own pools too.

9. Food Choices

Whether you are a foodie or not, the huge number of choices available to you in Palm Beach in terms of cuisine is mind-boggling. There are Michelin-star restaurants here as well as popular mom-and-pop eateries that locals frequent. There are also numerous fast-food joints scattered all over the place for that quick hunger fix.

The cuisine here ranges from standard American fare to exotic cuisine to gourmet dishes to fresh seafood.

10. Health Care

Did you know that if you found yourself in a medical emergency in Palm Beach that you can head on down to any of the 16 county hospitals that have 24-hour emergency services for help? Some of these hospitals have even been given national honors for helping fight infection, like the Jupiter Medical Center along the South Old Dixie Highway.

The county also has programs that help with medical health coverage, which help give health care benefits to low-income families and residents.

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