8 Best College Neighborhoods in Miami

Best College Neighborhoods

One of the cities in Florida that can boast of numerous universities and colleges within and near its borders is Miami. As of the latest count, there are approximately 30 colleges and universities in the area, some of which are among the top 100 universities in the country.

Apart from the institution, the neighborhoods that surround these schools are also a consideration for those choosing to study in the city. Here are some of the college and universities that are located in some of the better neighborhoods in Miami:

1. Coral Gables (University of Miami)

University of Miami

Considered one of the top universities in Florida, ranking second only to the University of Florida in Gainesville, this school is considered one of the best for students to go to. Aside from ranking second overall in all of Florida, this university also ranks in the top 10 overall in the US for Criminal Justice courses, Kinesiology, and Therapy, and is considered one of the best places for student athletes to study.

The university is located in the suburban community of Coral Gables, which is also one of the best communities in the county due to its low crime rate, peaceful and quiet surroundings, and tree-lined streets.

2. University Park (Florida International University)

University Park

Located in University Park, this educational institution is one that most students love being at and are proud to graduate from. It is one of the top 5 most outstanding universities in the country and is in the top 30 universities for Information Technology and Criminal Justice courses in the US. Students who want to get into this university need to show a 1030-1210 SAT score and a high GPA in high-school.

The community this school is in is also one that deserves high scores due to the fact that this suburban area has everything that a college student will need. From convenience stores everywhere to nearby malls to grocery stores to parks and green spaces for outdoor activities, this neighborhood has it.

3. Miami Shores (Barry University)

Barry University

For those who work days and can only study at night, Barry University in the Miami Shores neighborhood is one good consideration. This university has evening degree programs that working students can get into if they have to work during the day. This school is one of the most diverse universities in the US and is also considered one of the schools with the best professors around.

The community that this university is in is considered one of the top 30 suburbs in Florida. It is also conveniently located a few minutes away from the beaches of Miami but not too near for it to be viewed as a major distraction for the students.

4. Kendall (Nova Southeastern University)

Nova Southeastern University

While the more popular campus of this University is located in Fort Lauderdale, the one in Kendall is also considered one of the best in the country. It is, after all, a campus that still follows the kind of curriculum that their FL campus is known for. Students here boast of the great nursing program, the amazing facilities, and the sterling pharmacy program, among other things.

Kendall, where this campus is located, is also worth mentioning since it is one of the most peaceful and safe suburbs in the county. It is one of the top 50 suburbs in the state for millennials to live in and one of the best Florida suburbs to raise a family in.

5. Downtown (Miami Dade College)

Miami Dade College

Not everyone who finishes high-school finishes in the top tiers of their class. For those who want to finish college but do not meet the high standards of some of the universities in Miami, this public college is where they go. Miami Dade College in Downtown is a school that encourages students to finish college, no matter what they may have or have not achieved in high-school.

The community this college is located in is considered the heart of the city, and is where a lot of students can find part-time work while they finish their education. It is in the top 5 for the most diverse communities in Miami and for the neighborhoods where millennials are most likely to live in.

6. Doral (Carlos Albizu University)

Carlos Albizu University

This private university is another school that has evening degree programs that working students can get into. Located in the lovely suburb of Doral, students in this school find that their professors give their best to their students, and that their workload is entirely manageable here. The most popular programs in this school include Psychology, Elementary Education, and Business Administration.

The neighborhood of Doral is one of the best suburbs in Miami, with its numerous golf courses, high walkability score, and bicycle friendly surroundings. It is also a neighborhood with lots of trees and greenery.

7. Hialeah (Florida National University)

Florida National University

If you are thinking of taking up Nursing or other medical courses such as Health Services Administration or Dental Studies, this is where you should consider going in Miami. This university has a 100% acceptance rate for incoming students and no prerequisites for SAT scores, high-school GPA, and no application fees. The school also has evening degree programs for working students.

The neighborhood of Hialeah is considered a heavily Latin oriented one, making you feel like you are on vacation somewhere down south instead of in the US. The low crime rate of the neighborhood makes it ideal for families and college students as well.

8. Doral (Keiser University)

Keiser University

Another university located in the suburb of Doral is this educational institution which is one of many just like it all over the US. Students who come here laud the university’s registration process, online courses, and their professors. The school’s classes are smaller than most others, making students feel like they are being given personal attention.

The neighborhood is also one that students love because of its walkability and the many bicycle paths that they can use. The tree-lined streets, wide sidewalks, and numerous parks in this suburb make it a great locale to live in.

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