8 Reasons Why You Should Consider a Low-Density Condo

Low Density Condos

When you are considering buying a condominium, whether it is in Miami or elsewhere on the planet, you will be faced with two general options – high-density and low-density condominium buildings. As these terms denote, one is an option that gives you lots of neighbors and the other is one that lets you live with fewer neighbors.

Most people tend to buy high-density, high-rise properties due to the lower costs of such residences. Low-density condominiums tend to come at a higher cost, but this is with good reason. With the high price of such a unit comes the many benefits that you get with living in a building with few residents. Here are some of the reasons why a low-density condo is actually a good buy:

1. Quiet Environment

This is a given when it comes to comparing low-density with high-density residential buildings. With more people come more noise, and the less people there are in a building, the less noisy it will be. If you value peace and quiet, and don’t want to live with noisy neighbors left and right, then a low-density condominium is the best option for you.

2. Less Sharing

Some people argue that with a high-density residential structure, you get to pay less in maintenance fees, and they are right. What they forget to mention is that while you do split the maintenance fees of your building with more people, it will also mean that you will split the use of the building’s amenities with these same number of people. Which would you prefer – a gym that you can share with only 12 people or a gym that you have to share with 100 people?

3. Parking

The same issues that come with sharing amenities with more people are there with your parking. While some residences have dedicated parking, for a price, some residents have to contend with others for the common parking spots that they have to share. This means you will have to try your luck every day to get a decent parking spot for your vehicle. With a low-density condominium, each home comes with their own parking spot, and sometimes these come with two spots.

4. Bigger Unit Sizes

Since there are only a few units within the building, more-often-than-not, the homes in a low-density condo are usually bigger than what you would find in high-density ones. Even when a unit is a single bedroom one, you will find that these are larger when compared with single bedroom units in high-density residential structures.

5. Added Privacy

This comes hand-in-hand with the fact that you have fewer neighbors. Fewer neighbors in your building means there are fewer people, and fewer people means that you have more privacy. Whether you are hanging out by the pool, walking in the Zen garden, or even getting into the elevator, there is very little chance for you to always have a neighbor around.

6. More Security

Residential buildings that have lots of residents living in it often suffer from security lapses and problems because there are just not that many security personnel to handle all security issues. With low-density structures, the ration between residents and security personnel is lower, making it safer for those living there. Imagine the difference between one security personnel for 100 people and one security personnel for 5 people, and you will see just what this means.

7. Higher Quality of Life

With less people around, it is easier to make your condo unit feel more like home. You don’t have to worry about neighbors invading your privacy, snatching parking spots from you, and hogging the facilities that you want to use. When there are fewer people around, you can enjoy life more, and you get to enjoy your home more since you won’t have so many annoyances around you.

8. Tight-Knit Communities

Low-density condominiums tend to create a closer-knit community due to the fact that there are fewer people for you to interact with. This means you can afford to become closer with them since you are all you have in the building. This also means you can spend more time with each other since you won’t have to divide your interaction time with more people. This makes for a closer knit community because you get to know each other better due to these circumstances.

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