La Gorce Island, Miami Beach, FL: Private & Gated Community

Located in the brilliant emerald waters of Biscayne Bay is the small but luxurious tropical paradise of La Gorce Island. The tranquil, ultra-exclusive island is a part of the affluent neighborhood of La Gorce located in the North Beach area of Miami Beach. La Gorce Island sits to the south of the Isle of Normandy and to the west of its sister island, Allison Island

The island is connected to the La Gorce neighborhood via a bridge and is in close proximity to the lively downtown area of Miami Beach, local beaches, and the Miami International Airport and is a part of Miami-Dade County.

It should be noted that La Gorce Island is considered a separate (and much smaller) neighborhood from the main "La Gorce" neighborhood, where La Gorce Country Club is located. The two can be easily confused because La Gorce and La Gorce Island are both islands!

6650 Roxbury Lane on La Gorce Island in 1940


The story of La Gorce Island is linked to the creation of Miami Beach dating back to the early 1900s. The barrier island which is now Miami Beach was once an uninhabited area filled with mangrove groves and swampland. Owning much of the land was Quaker farmer, John S. Collins. Collins had numerous failed efforts at farming the land, with attempts to grow coconuts, avocados, and vegetables all without success. 

Collins turned his entrepreneurial efforts to developing the land and subsequently built the all-wood Collins Bridge that connects Miami Beach with Miami. As the cost of the bridge and area development began to increase, Collins sought out a business partnership with visionary and millionaire, Carl G. Fisher. Fisher’s knack for land development and publicity quickly made Miami Beach a coveted spot by wealthy celebrities, businessmen, and politicians.

La Gorce Island was built using dredged sand in 1924 under Fisher’s direction. The island and surrounding La Gorce neighborhood were named after Fisher’s close friend, John Oliver La Gorce. John Oliver La Gorce was a renowned explorer, author, and president of the National Geographic Society. He was passionate about the Miami Beach area and helped establish the Miami Beach Aquarium. 

In 1936 the island was sold to famous inventor and businessman, Frederick Maytag. With his partner, Mr. Quackenbush, the men developed roads and residential lots on the island which were quickly sold. In 1946, the La Gorce Island Association took over ownership and maintenance of the island and retains oversight of La Gorce Island to this day.

Since the island’s inception, it has been a tropical oasis for the rich and famous from around the globe. Celebrities and entertainers who have owned property on the highly private island include the likes of Matt Damon, Lil’ Wayne, Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, Billy Joel, and Cher. 

The gated entrance to La Gorce Island

Lifestyle & Amenities

While offering the utmost privacy and serenity, La Gorce Island is conveniently situated near some of the best shopping, dining, and beaches that Miami Beach has to offer. The island’s gated entrance is guarded 24/7, ensuring security and seclusion for residents and their guests. Security is even extended to the surrounding waters as a security boat patrols the island’s shore on a regular basis. 

Bal Harbour Shops is an outdoor shopping center featuring over 100 luxury stores, boutiques, and eateries and is just minutes from La Gorce Island. Collins Avenue is just a few blocks away and offers some of the best restaurants in Miami Beach from fine dining, to sushi bars, and Cuban fusion food.

The La Gorce Country Club sits at the heart of the La Gorce community and has been a landmark in the area since the 1920s. Membership to the club is by invitation only and the club boasts a long list of athletes, celebrities, and politicians that have golfed on its fairways. The club has numerous amenities including tennis courts, a state-of-the-art fitness center, a restaurant, and endless social events. 

La Gorce Island as seen from the Biscayne Bay

La Gorce Island residents are an active community and enjoy the Southern Florida sunshine on the local, pristine beaches, rollerblading down the palm tree-lined streets, and jogging and biking. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy easy access to Biscayne Bay for boating, kayaking, and paddleboarding. 

The La Gorce Island Association, established in 1946, is a conglomerate of community members dedicated to the preservation and security of the island. Maintaining the island’s presence as a tropical and exclusive haven is one of the association’s primary goals. 

Some of the homes on the main "La Gorce" landmass

Real Estate

La Gorce Island features some of the most desirable waterfront properties in all of South Florida. With just under a hundred luxury estates on the island, a La Gorce Island address is highly sought after. 

Waterfront lots offer unparalleled views of the glistening Biscayne Bay with many homes including private docks for boats or yachts. Home styles vary from sleek and modern to expansive Meditteranean mansions, all displaying stunning designs by world-renowned architects.

Interior homes are primarily located on oversized lots, set back from the quiet streets with stately entrance gates and lush, tropical landscaping. Interior and waterfront homeowners enjoy views of Biscayne Bay, the Miami skyline, and breathtaking sunsets set against the white sand beaches. Due to the highly exclusive and desirable nature of La Gorce Island, estates are typically priced in the multi-million dollar range. 

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