The 7 Best Neighborhoods in Miami Beach, FL

There is no doubt that Miami is a popular place. In fact, in 2015, it registered a total of over 9.2 million arrivals (via the Miami International Airport), maintaining its ranking as one of the world’s most visited destinations. In addition to its mesmerizing sunshine-rich climate, this seaport city in south Florida’s main claim to fame are its incredible 35 miles of shorelines, which starts from the tip of South Beach north to Sunny Isles, then goes around Key Biscayne and a number of other pristine islands in the Atlantic.

Miami’s numerous beaches are as many and diverse as the city’s tourists: There are beaches for swimming, communing with nature, and socializing. There are also beaches specifically geared to families, seniors, and gay singles; some make you completely forget that you’re in the city, while others are flanked by towering condominiums and world-class hotels. If you can’t be satisfied with a short beach vacation in Miami, settling in a neighborhood might be your best course of action. Below, we’ve compiled the 12 best Miami neighborhoods near beaches. Take your pick and remember to pack all your swimsuits!

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